Show Appreciation to your Employees

The Power of Incentive Programs.

Performance Incentive structures work! Implementing Incentive Reward Programs in the workplace benefits both the employees and the employers.

When you recognise employees for exceptional performance and productivity, it can boost morale, increase job satisfaction and have a positive effect on culture and retention. The aim of an incentive program is to incentivise your team to follow best practice in each area as a means to make your entire company successful. You hold the power to change your company, choose your programs wisely, and choose a partner who cares as much about your success as you do.

Benefits to Business

Grow Revenue / Ensure results from within:

Uwin Iwin assists companies in motivating teams to reach targets and achieve better sales results with incentive solutions that drive sales amongst Sales and Distribution Channels.

Improve Performance / Reward Achievement:

Uwin Iwin provides solutions that change the behaviour and habits of people in the organisation across departments, resulting in an increase in morale and improved overall performance that contributes to the company’s bottom line.

Retain Brand Loyalty:

Uwin Iwin provides loyalty solutions that build loyalty among employees as well as channel partners.

Develop Performance Driven Culture:

Uwin Iwin provides solutions that are designed to drive a high-performance culture through the recognition and reward of behaviour that leads to exceptional performance and overall organisational success.

Uwin Iwin Partnership with Totally Morpheus

Building great leadership teams and providing powerful incentive & recognition tools for those teams is a combination that will drive and deliver winning performance results for the businesses we partner with. 

Uwin Iwin is proud to announce the formalization of a long standing relationship with Ian Hatton and his team at Totally Morpheus. 

A team dedicated and driven to help create transformational leadership growth and effectiveness. Leadership that is relevant, conscious, purposeful and inspirational. 

Uwin Iwin believe the added dimension of engaged leadership development with powerful incentive programs and tools co-create organisations that are future proofed, competitive and powerful.

About Uwin Iwin

Uwin Iwin is a multi-national rewards and incentives provider who cares about your people’s success, blending empathy and pioneering technology to align people behind your brand and improve performance.

Uwin Iwin’s purpose is to see your business, your brand and your people WIN.

Uwin Iwin Performance Incentives has won multiple international awards for its leading role in the incentives field. Most recently, it was named Business of the Year for 2023 at the African Business Awards.

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What Uwin Iwin Offers

Sales & Channel Incentives

Reward your sales force and unlock the full potential of your channel with a sales & distribution channel incentive program.

Employee Rewards

Drive change in behaviour and boost performance by rewarding employees with a custom-built employee reward program.

Incentive Travel

Motivate Exceptional performance and give your incentive winners an experience of a lifetime with an Incentive Travel Trip.

Reward Fulfilment

Uwin Iwin manages incentive reward fulfilment and delivery through our established logistics department.

Consulting Services

Uwin Iwin provides consulting services to establish which strategy would best align with your business objectives.

Leadership Coaching Sessions

Uwin Iwin offers Executive Incentive Coaching Sessions for senior leadership teams and project leaders of incentive programs.

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