Conscious leaders operate in an arena where they’re free from the pressure to be someone or something else. Instead, they live in integrity from their truest self. Isn’t that liberating?

Wouldn’t it be even more liberating to influence and impact your world by igniting your leadership with your authentic essence?

The Morpheus Genius programs build on over 20 years of experience with leaders who want to be free to live and lead from their truest selves. Each Morpheus Genius program offers you a wealth of conscious leadership expertise, powerful coaching techniques and a vibrant Tribe of conscious leaders. This potent combination empowers you to create your living legacy.

Lead and live from your authentic essence.

When you integrate and implement the keys to your conscious leadership, the results are astounding.

The Leadership EGG assessment helps you to identify your Leadership Essence Growth Gap, this is the gateway to the Morpheus Genius Products

Morpheus Genius Products

There are 3 distinct Morpheus Genius Products, each one builds from the previous one.

You are a genius.

But have you discovered just how you thrive as that genius?

How you influence from your authentic self?

How you lead best from your truest essence?

This is a one-year journey of discovering, accepting, and learning to love your unique leadership essence and purpose. Through videos, coaching, assessments, group work, bootcamps and journaling it delves deeper into AWAKEN, METHOD, and IMPACT. Setting you up to live your leadership essence!

* Includes the Morpheus Genius Disruptive

This is a deep dive into your unique leadership genius, a 5 day one-on-one with Ian at an exclusive destination. He will: Connect you with your truest self, stimulate new perspectives, and challenge limiting mindsets – clarity on who, what, and why you are. You will leave with a focused prioritized plan on becoming a conscious leader. Unleashing your leadership essence. 

* Includes the Morpheus Genius Experience

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Ian hasn’t just been the guide, but the key master to unlocking the deep dark doors in our lives. The new version of Bruce is about to be released onto the world.

Bruce Wade

Master Story Engineer, EM Solutions

The Who Am I Bootcamp has been a tremendously enlightening experience. There was just so much to take home practically, that would shift my life. It wasn’t just information-sharing, it was a weekend filled with connectedness and authenticity which allows me to make a bigger impact in my world and be truer to myself.

Melanie Rothmann