Ian Hatton, also known as Morpheus, moves his audiences to live and lead consciously and authentically. An international keynote speaker and conscious leadership expert, he is also the author of Lead Like Morpheus and founder of Totally Morpheus.    

Ian’s authentic and heartfelt delivery draws on his vast experience as a leader and trainer in the IT sector, corporate world, professional and community organisations. He has influenced thousands of leaders from over 100 countries across cultures and industries. In 2022, the Southern African Professional Speakers Association inducted Ian into its Educators Hall of Fame for his conscious leadership work.    

Ian’s work regularly features in traditional and online media, and he is a sought-after podcast guest in the international leadership arena. Members of his influential audiences have called his sessions life changing.   

For audiences intent on not only performance but also lasting legacy, Ian Hatton is the keynote speaker of choice.


Lead Like Morpheus

The Genius of Conscious Leadership

Morpheus Genius

Living and leading from your truest self

Team Like Morpheus

Conscious Teaming for Today’s Challenges


A conscious way to build trust in teams

Shift Like Morpheus

Leading for Transformation

Your Leadership Brand

The Essence of Your Leadership

Ian Hatton’s Lead Like Morpheus Keynote at
Uwin Iwin, 26 April 2023