Morpheus Keynotes

Inspiring. Energetic. Powerful.

As the creator of Morpheus Genius and Lead Like Morpheus, a keynote speaker, Ian Hatton is the foremost authority on leading from your truest self.  He helps people influencers and leaders to awaken awareness, build consciousness and make a meaningful impact. Liberated. Authentic. Influential.

Ian’s Main Keynote Topics

Morpheus Genius Essence Keynote: Living and leading from your truest self

Lead Like Morpheus Keynote: Conscious leadership in a volatile world

Ian stimulates practical strategies that can be applied both personally and professionally. The top take-aways are:
    • Awareness of your unconscious drivers and influences
    • Understanding that conscious leadership is being true to self to influence others
    • Greater impact through authentic leadership
    • Taking people from being blind victims of circumstance to being conscious leaders of their worlds
    • Understanding the value of who you truly are
    • Learn to celebrate the discomfort of becoming conscious
    • Discover and accept that the answers you seek are in you

Ian’s ability to get up on stage and connect with audiences, from small to stadium size, is a gift.

Marketing Vice President

Ian’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion were exceptional and inspirational. He was a positive and influential leader as he shared personal insights on leadership.

Senior Corporate Manager