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Q: How long is an EGGstrat?

A: 45 Minutes

Q: What is the cost of an EGGstrat?

A: An investment of 45 minutes of your valuable time

Q: Is the EGGstrat another sales pitch?

A: No. All our follow-up sessions are high-value opportunities to grow as a leader. You will have the opportunity to work with Totally Morpheus after this, if you choose.

Q: What happens when I take the Red Pill?

A: Based on your unique requirements, we'll offer tailored options for your conscious leadership journey

Q: I've heard about an EGGstream Mastermind. What is that?

A: The EGGstream Mastermind is a custom team workshop facilitated by Conscious Leadership Expert Ian Hatton.

It’s an opportunity to gain valuable insights on the current status of your team and some pointers on how to advance Conscious Leadership within your team

Q: Do you have solutions to help me and my team narrow our Essence Growth Gap (EGG)

A: Yes. We offer custom leadership and team development solutions as unique as your vision. The solutions are available online, hybrid or in-person.

Q: Can I share the EGG with my team or family?

A: Yes, and they are going to love it - here's the link

Click here to request a 1-on-1 Leadership EGGstrat session