This is the journey of the ego. The transition from the big “I” to the small “i”. This bit is so hard to explain and yet so vital to understand. I believe you have, we all have, a deep inner true self. And, your truest self is magnificent. I call it your essence.

What is essence?

Some believe essence is your spirit. The eternal you. Others would say it is your soul. There are also those who contend all of that is rubbish and that there is no spirit or soul. Whichever it is, in all the depths of our neurones and synapses, vagus nerve system, and other elements, there is a deep uniqueness. An essence. A true self.

There are approximately 85 billion neurones in your brain. Each one can support up to 1500 connections to other neurones. This makes the possible combinations of wiring 85 billion to the power of 1500. Statistically, nobody has ever lived who has your wiring. No one ever will.

Contribution and Purpose

You have the potential to make a contribution to this world that nobody else can make. A unique purpose. Connect to your deepest self. Accept it. Engage with you. Your wiring has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. This is where your power lies. Your creativity. The source of your most magnificent contribution.

“I call myself Morpheus. It’s an attempt to express my essence. It is me at my most powerful. My most authentic. My sharpest and most responsive self. It’s where I make my deepest impact. Lives are changed. Connections made. Ideas stimulated. Mindsets challenged.”

What about you?

You too have your own form of it. Who are you? Do you have a mythical name? Why are you here? Have you connected with the deepest you? Do you love that essence? Do you love who you really are? Embrace it. Embrace you. Accept you. Love you. Be you.

It’s up to you to choose. Take the red pill and let’s see how far the rabbit hole of your essence goes. Take the blue pill and wake up tomorrow with nothing changed – forgetting you ever heard about essence. It’s your choice…!

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This post is an extract from my upcoming book: Morpheus Genius