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Totally Morpheus provides bespoke and custom leadership development that transforms leaders, teams and organisations.

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Our Founder: Ian Hatton

Ian Hatton is a conscious leadership expert, international keynote speaker, author of Lead Like Morpheus: The Genius of Conscious Leadership. He is also the founder of Totally Morpheus. A former leader in the IT industry and an international trainer who has influenced thousands of leaders from over 100 countries, Ian walks the talk of leading and living from essence. The Totally Morpheus Tribe is Ian’s conscious leadership laboratory. He shares his transformational leadership insights in his keynotes, regular presentations, public events and social media channels. Connect with him across social media at @totallymorpheus and on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/ianhatton.


Southern African Speakers Hall of Fame Inductee


Chapter President & Professional Member

Regent University

MA Organisational Leadership

Circle of Excellence

Circle of Excellence Gold Member

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Ian Hatton

Connector Stimulator

You make sure that people are inspired to give their best performance.

Cindy Nankoo

Teacher Influencer

You constantly raise the bar.

Ryan Kriedemann

Pioneer Connector

You bring people together to create something new and exciting.

Tamryn Buys

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You are a stimulus for new ways of thinking.

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"… truly a life transforming experience as Ian took us on a journey into the world of leadership like we’d never seen before... We left feeling extremely empowered to succeed."

Omotayo George, Marketing Leader, Voted among Nigeria’s Top 100 Most Inspiring Women

“...a trainer who practices what they preach…”

Carol Bausor, Communication Trainer and Conference Speaker

"Ian's down-to-earth manner, clarity, engaging professionalism and superior expertise are among the many reasons I highly recommend him as a Speaker and a Trainer."

Hani du Toit, Inclusion Specialist and Convenor

“I was totally glued to my screen just listening to him very attentively, I felt he was talking to me.”

Kumar Achanta, Training Consultant, Speaker, Relationship Coach

“Ian’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion were exceptional and inspirational. He was a positive and influential leader as he shared personal insights on leadership.”

Senior Manager @ MTN


“I joined the Totally Morpheus Tribe with aspirations of a greater legacy, impact and lifestyle that I wanted to unlock and unpack. Connecting with others in this Tribe has allowed me to listen and learn that I am not alone. I felt at home! It's been a while since I have felt so alive.”

Sam Njela, Thought Leader, Managing Director at Eden Sunrise and The Diepsloot Foundation

“The biggest difference the Totally Morpheus Tribe makes is the conversations with the community. People with the same visions that are all aligned... they hear you and they feel you. We're a Tribe, which is amazing. Learning to put myself first, verbalising what I want and what I need... has been incredibly profound.”

Melanie Rothman, Speaker, Coach and Change Maker

“Wouldn’t you like an environment of unconditional love, where you can be and discover your true self, the very best of who you are, without any judgement of the flaws or whatever goes wrong, just to help you grow?”

Rika Nell, Group Talent Director @ Joe Public