The Problem I Solve:

As a conscious leader, you are aware of your influence. Is your leadership having the full impact you desire? Are your people growing in competence, confidence, and motivation —  becoming more self-reliant? Do you and your people embody your desired values and culture?

Most leaders are unaware of the influences that drive them — conditioning, circumstances, woundings, self-judgements, and wiring. I know this because I was one of them. My journey has led me and my clients to authentic and conscious leadership. If that resonates, read on. If not, please don’t.

I help leaders establish the culture that creates the impact and legacy they desire. Liberated. Authentic. Influential.

The Morpheus top 3 keys to living a purposeful life of sustainable impact:

  1. Become AWAKENED, intentional, and free to live and influence from your truest self.
  2. Become skilled in the METHOD of reprogramming your limiting beliefs and mindsets
  3. Become conscious, tenacious and integrous with yourself and your IMPACT

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Conflict and Accountability: Candour and Curiosity

How do you encourage functional conflict in your team?
Learning how to create a balance of candour and curiosity in the face of conflict is a superpower! Come learn more about that at our next Morpheus Intelligence Update.

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"… truly a life transforming experience as Ian took us on a journey into the world of leadership like we’d never seen before... We left feeling extremely empowered to succeed."

Tayo George, Marketing Leader, Voted among Nigeria’s Top 100 Most Inspiring Women

"Ian's ability to get up on a stage and connect with audiences, from small to stadium size, is a gift."

Heather Third, Founder at Rainbow Consulting

"Ian is a truly authentic speaker, taking the audience on a journey from his opening until he finally closes all the loops-making you realize what actions you need to take..."

Yoke Van Dam, Leadership and Team Expert

"Ian's down-to-earth manner, clarity, engaging professionalism and superior expertise are among the many reasons I highly recommend him as a Speaker and a Trainer."

Hani du Toit, Inclusion Specialist and Convenor

"His presentations are easy to follow, clear and very easy to remember. Love learning from Ian."

Mariet Visser, Task and Time Productivity Expert and Keynote Speaker

"... a charming, humorous, and caring professional speaker. If you are looking for a professional speaker, trainer, or consultant on Leadership and Personal Development, then Ian is the man for the job."

Wilbert Mutoko PhD, Strategy & Entrepreneurship Expert  

"I was totally glued to my screen, just listening to him very attentively; I felt he was talking to me."

Kumar Achanta, Relationship Coach  

“Wouldn’t you like an environment of unconditional love, where you can be and discover your true self, the very best of who you are, without any judgement of the flaws or whatever goes wrong, just to help you grow?”

Rika Nell, Talent Director @ Joe Public

“Ian’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion were exceptional and inspirational. He was a positive and influential leader as he shared personal insights on leadership.”

Senior Manager @ MTN